In Central, Northern & Upstate New York State It Really Pays to Choose the Right Installer!

All things considered, installing a geothermal system isn’t all that tricky. But it is something only a trained professional – like 4 Green Power Systems – should attempt. Because it’s only a properly installed geothermal system that can provide years of low maintenance, high-efficiency comfort and unmatched energy savings.

Incorrect sizing or installation from an unqualified contractor can negate any financial benefits through prolonged operation or repair costs. And that can lead to other problems.

You’ll be glad to know that 4 Green Power Systems and all Geostar dealers are required to attend in-depth training in order to carry Geostar products. In addition to hands-on classes, Geostar offers video training materials online for continuing dealer education.

According to John Preston Director of Distributors at GeoStar, “We provide the best equipment on the market, so it makes sense to provide homeowners with the best-trained dealer network. We want to make sure every customer is proud to own a Geostar.”

If you’re ready for a geothermal system, your best bet is to see us, 4 Green Power Systems. We’re the geothermal heating and cooling authority in Central, Northern & Upstate New York State, NY.
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