Geothermal's Triple-Threat Solution

The best heating system your house can have is one you don’t realize is there. And that’s the appeal of the Cypress Series from Geostar, a leading manufacturer of geothermal heating and cooling products.

With Cypress you get an even blanket of heat, right where you want it – no radiators clanking in the night … no gas furnace roaring to life …no too-hot- to-too-cold temperature swings common with fossil fuel systems.

Homeowners who want radiant floor heating also will  find  the Cypress Series an exciting product - one that’s highly efficient and increases comfort as it reduces energy costs.
In a radiant setup, the warmth is supplied by hot-water tubes or electric wires buried underneath the floor. As the invisible waves of heat rise from below, they warm up any objects they strike, which radiate that captured heat in turn. You stay comfortable because the surrounding surfaces aren’t stealing warmth from your body.
What, you ask, makes Cypress better than traditional radiant systems?
The cost differential is a big factor. Today’s high-efficiency hydronic boilers are expensive to purchase. And electric radiant systems? They’re expensive to operate. Both still require you to purchase a separate air-conditioning system for cooling, too. And radiant systems take much longer to react to thermostat changes than forced air units. Then, too, carpeted rooms remain a challenge to heat.
With the Cypress Series you get the luxurious comfort of radiant heat for basement and bathroom floors as well as traditional forced air heating and cooling for the rest of your home. You no longer have to purchase a dedicated boiler, a furnace for the rest of your house, and an air conditioner for summer cooling. That’s why we call the Cypress Series  a Triple-Threat Solution: It’s all the comfort you need in one convenient package. And, like all Geostar systems, it uses the clean renewable energy in your own backyard to provide savings up to 70% on heating, cooling and hot water. It’s actually five times more efficient than the best-performing boiler!
Furthermore, these units are smart enough to supply high-volume hot water only when you need it – unlike the water heaters in most homes. When used in conjunction with a smart thermostat or zoning system, homeowners can enjoy an amazing level of control over the temperatures in every area of the house.
What about when you need heat in an upstairs bedroom? No problem: the unit automatically switches over to provide forced air heating. When you awake in the morning, the Cypress units can make sure the bathroom floor and shower walls are warm. It can even help provide ice free sidewalks during the winter months. Later in the season, as outdoor temperatures increase, the unit begins providing refreshing air conditioning throughout the house.
Geostar has seen an incredible demand for the product and expect sales to be especially strong in the northern areas of North America, which are traditionally the largest customers for radiant and hydronic systems.
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